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Rating Bold and the Beautiful On The Break Up of Quinn and Eric

Bold and the Beautiful Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller ForresterBold and the Beautiful Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful viewers have been waiting for things to blow up in the Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller Forrester marriage ever since his pickleball excursions with Donna Logan were revealed. Well, that day finally happened! So, did it live up to expectations?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Scenes From A Marriage

Some fans may have expected fireworks — for an angry, often unhinged Quinn (Rena Sofer) to lose her mind after finding her beloved husband in bed with her rival, but that wasn’t the case. Sure, Quinn was humiliated and angry, but she didn’t fly off the handle. She used her words to explain why this betrayal cut so deeply — and it was incredibly moving. Eric (John McCook) was confused about what all the talk was regarding his heart rate.

Quinn explained about the ring, noting matter-of-factly, “All this time I thought you were in danger, but your heart rate kept spiking because you were betraying me.” No histrionics, no hysterics…just a quiet realization that everything she believed about her ‘loyal’ husband, the best man she ever knew, was a lie. And there was nothing Eric could do but take his lumps.

Quinn admitted she was confused because they were trying to fix things, and Eric was quick to say he did forgive her, but he also realized she was in love with someone else. She pointed to Donna (Jennifer Gareis), who was still awkwardly in the room — with his daughter Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones). He admitted everything with Donna is easier, they have fun, but then came the money quote — “I trust her.” And that was something Quinn couldn’t fight.

Eric realized the other two women were in the room and asked for some privacy. Bold and the Beautiful needed to get these two alone to go through it, so luckily they quickly left. Obviously not sure what to do next, Eric haphazardly started to button his shirt (too little too late?) as Quinn continued reeling as the realization that their marriage was over started to hit her. She asked, near tears, “Is this really the end of our marriage?”

Quinn quickly moved from denial to anger, yelling at her husband how this wasn’t fair, how she had been trying so hard to work on their marriage while he’d been doing the same thing to her that broke them apart in the first place. Eric was full of self-recriminations as she asked why he didn’t open up to her sooner — she’d given him everything she had. Quinn said she was shattered. Eric looked dumbfounded.

She admitted how the old Quinn would react, having everything she thought was true about him to be wrong. Eric admitted their conversation about Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) getting married crystalized things for him. The more she tried to keep the marriage together, the more he was drawn to Donna. He told her she fell for Carter, fell in love, and she still is. So he realized he needed to let go of his love story with her — and she needs to do the same.

He admitted he was wrong to sneak off but their feelings weren’t wrong and neither are her feelings for Carter. He told her that they were meant to be together…until they weren’t. And that is the crux of it all. Sometimes we do outgrow relationships that were incredibly important. Being with Eric helped Quinn become the kind of woman who could accept love and know she was worthy of it. She grew during their love story. But this love was no longer serving either of them.

Admitting that is something so many couples can relate to — it’s painful, messy, and heartbreaking when a relationship or marriage ends. This was all of that and more. But it was cathartic, too. Bravo to the writers for serving that growth in a new way, with a twist that many didn’t see coming. Quinn has evolved. Who would have thought it possible? Let us know what you thought of these scenes in the comments section below.

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