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What Will Sally Do After Spectra Closes on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB)?


Knowing that she’s facing up to 15 years in prison on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), for stealing Forrester Creations’ designs, Sally announced that Spectra Fashions was out of business.

CJ (Mick Cain) accepted her decision and informed Sally, Shirley, and Saul (Alex Wyse) that their office building would soon be demolished. So they needed to clear out their belongs and move on.

When Shirley (Patrika Darbo) refused to give up, Sally noted that the gang could relocate and try to keep Spectra going, but that she, obviously, wouldn’t be a part of it. Soap Hub asked what you think Sally will do if Spectra does ultimately close its doors.

Start a New Company with Thomas
It’s time for a Spectra/Forrester merger, say 68% of you. And you’re not just talking romantically. You’d like to see Sally and Thomas (Pierson Fodé) start their own fashion line.

Sally’s got bold, edgy ideas, while Thomas is a savvy pro, who could tweak them into something cool and couture. They’d be dynamite together.

Nothing, She’ll Be in Jail
Some 15% of you fully expect Sally (Courtney Hope) to serve time for her fashion thievery. So she won’t have time or the opportunity to do anything, because she’ll be behind bars.

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Sally illegally spied on FC, stole their ideas, and tried to pass them off as her own. Like Steffy said, she needs to pay for her crime.

Bye-Bye to Fashion Forever
Meanwhile, 10% of you believe that if Spectra does indeed close, it will mean the end of the fashion business for Sally. She’ll realize that aspiring to be the next Donatella Versace was a pipe dream, and one she’ll never achieve.

Sally will cut her losses and move on in an entirely different direction. And that means finding a brand new career.

Bye-Bye to Los Angeles
The remaining 7% of you think Sally will get off with a hand slap, put this whole mess behind her, and hightail it out of town. She’s too embarrassed to stick around L.A. and face the Forresters. Plus, seeing Thomas and realizing she blew whatever chance she had with him is way too painful.

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