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Are Rick and Maya Being Fair To Nicole?

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

After Nicole birthed their daughter, Elizabeth, Maya and Rick asked her to give their little one a sibling on The Bold and the Beautiful.

There are favors, and then there are favors. Nicole proved her selflessness, when she agreed to carry a baby for her sister, Maya, and her husband, Rick. The result was a beautiful daughter. Now the couple is asking Nicole to play surrogate all over again so they can expand their family. Have they taken things too far with a second request?

Just Not Fair
An overwhelming majority, 93% of you think it’s totally unfair of Maya (Karla Mosley) and Rick (Jacob Young) to ask Nicole to be their surrogate, again. Nicole already gave up nine months of her life for them, and nearly lost Zende in the process. Now, things are finally back on track between the pair, and another baby would definitely ruin everything.

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Totally Fair
There’s no harm in asking, say 6% of you, who think a second surrogacy request is just fine. Maya and Nicole (Reign Edwards) are extremely close, so, of course, Maya would want to go to her sister before she and Rick consider another alternative. And Nicole has the option to “just say no” if she doesn’t want to deliver another baby for the couple.

Hard to Judge
The remaining 1% of fans are split about this. You can see that Maya and Rick’s request does put Nicole in a tough position. Who wants to turn down your own sister? However, you also don’t think the couple was unfair asking Nicole if she would consider bearing them another baby–and so soon.

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