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Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday: B&B’s Dan Martin Has Sweets on Probation

The B&B actor has sentenced himself to a leaner look.

dan martin has slimmed down on bold and the beautiful.The Bold and the Beautiful lawman Dan Martin has stopped eating sweets.

Sheila Carter had better come up with a contingency plan if she plans on escaping jail on The Bold and the Beautiful. Why? Deputy Lieutenant Brad Baker, played by Dan Martin, has never been more in a position to track her down himself! Baker recently chatted with Soap Hub about his new physique for Wellness Wednesday.

Dan Martin: Fighting Shape

We couldn’t help but notice Martin was looking lean and mean when Soap Hub attended B&B’s 9000th episode on-set celebration. Is the actor doing anything different these days? “I gave up sugar,” he says. “My wife [actress Ella Joyce, Haus of Vicious] was getting on me about eating better. Ice cream and candy have been hard to give up.”

There are many different approaches to incorporating diet changes into one’s life. Martin says he cut out sugar altogether initially. “I did it cold turkey to start, but as time has gone on, it’s been harder to maintain that,” he says. As for exercise, Martin’s found that walking is a great benefit. “I live near a hill that I can [go] up and down on, and that helps a lot,” he says.

Baker, Don’t Make Me a Pie

Some people decide to make a change in their lifestyle after seeing photos from a family vacation. What visual prompted Martin to make a change? “Watching myself on television one day!” he says. Speaking of TV lawmen, remember when Kojak (Telly Savalas) used to suck on lollipops on Kojak? Or, how General Hospital‘s Captain Burt Ramsey (Bob Hastings) used to drink milk to soothe his ulcer? Well, B&B incorporated a character bit for Martin’s character by having Deputy Chief Baker chow down on hot dogs.

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Is Martin prepared to ingest a frankfurter if the script calls for it? “I’ll eat some of it, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a hot dog on B&B,” he says. What has the actor replaced his favorite sugary treats with? “I eat a lot of fruit,” Martin shares. “Grapes…that gives me my sugar. Someone said to me that you’re not fooling anyone! You’re getting sugar from fruit! I am, but it’s a better way to get it!”

Dan Martin: Sweet Justice

Martin is pleased with the progress he’s made. “I have seen myself on TV, and I like what I see,” he says. What’s the key to maintaining a healthier lifestyle? “You’ve got to [surround yourself] with people who are going to support you,” Martin says. “If it weren’t for my wife, I wouldn’t be able to do this!”

Not too long ago, Martin reprised Baker to see Sheila get her just desserts (pun intended!) when she was finally arrested for murder. “Oh, that was fun!” the arresting actor says. “That was fun!” Will it be the last time he brings Sheila in to face a judge? “You never know what’s going to happen with Sheila,” Martin teases.

Soap Hub recommends checking with one’s physician and other health professionals before embarking on a new diet and fitness regime.

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