Soap Hub Flashback Friday: GH’s Eden McCoy Recalls Joss/Nelle Fight

Eden McCoy recalls Joss’s rite of passage battle scene on GH.

eden mccoy remembers an iconic moment for joss on general hospital.Eden McCoy remembers a big moment for Joss.

Joss Jacks will always be grateful for the second chance at life Nelle Benson gave her on General Hospital when she gave her a kidney. But once Joss learned of Nelle’s duplicitous nature and wicked ways, she didn’t hesitate to fight back. Joss’s portrayer, Eden McCoy, talked to Soap Hub about this showdown, which occurred in early August 2018 and remains an event fans ask her about to this day.

Eden McCoy: Joss V. Nelle

“Joss was so young then,” McCoy recalls of the story in which her character became ill and needed a transplant which began Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) introduction. “It was a huge betrayal in her mind because she had been on a long quest to find her kidney donor, and then to find out it was Nelle, whom she had already come to care for very much, was a special experience for Joss.  When she found out what Nelle was really up to, I think it hurt Joss badly. She had a lot of anger in those moments at the docks!”

Off-Screen Pals

McCoy says that a stunt coordinator for GH mapped out the moves, but she and Lanier performed the fight sequences themselves. “We had a lot of fun,” she says. “[Chloe and I] are very close in real life, so it was fun as actors to express so much anger and hate in those moments. I think it’s on every actor’s bucket list to have a fight scene and also to play a villain.”

Eden McCoy: Hair’s the Thing

After Joss emerged victorious, she flipped her hair back — and it fell perfectly back into place. Was the follicle toss in the script, or did it just happen during taping? “That [hair toss] moment was unscripted,” McCoy shares. “I was a bit out of breath after Nelle went down, and my hair was in my face. It just felt right in that moment to give my hair a toss and to exhale at the same time — kind of a ‘take that!’ to Nelle. I love that it’s a GIF now — it always makes me smile.”

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