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General Hospital’s Josh Kelly Talks Cody Bell’s Parentage, Britt, and More

As General Hospital viewers learned this week, newcomer Cody Bell has more of a connection to the town of Port Charles than being Dante Falconeri’s…

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As General Hospital viewers learned this week, newcomer Cody Bell has more of a connection to the town of Port Charles than being Dante Falconeri’s childhood pal. He’s the son of the late Dominque Taub, who was Scotty Baldwin’s wife and the mother of their daughter Serena. Josh Kelly, who plays Cody, chatted with Soap Hub about this surprise development.

Josh Kelly Talks Cody Bell’s Origins

Kelly is no stranger to soaps. One Life to Live fans recall the actor’s run as Cutter Wentworth from 2010 to 2011. He also appeared on the short-lived online OLTL revival in 2013. Now, he’s playing daredevil Cody Bell on GH, a man who’s caught the eye of Dr. Britt Westbourne (2022 Daytime Emmy-winner Kelly Thiebaud).

Soap Hub: How much did GH tell you about who Cody is and who his late mother was when you signed onto the show?
Josh Kelly:
They told me that Cody knew Dante [Dominic Zamprogna] and that they were friends from childhood. They didn’t tell me [much else], which kind of makes it more exciting when you get a new script.

Soap Hub: Did Kin Shriner (Scott) fill you in on who Dominique was?
Josh Kelly:
I don’t want to bother anyone unless I have to [at work]. Everyone has their own process. But, yes, Kin and I talked. We sat down, and he told me the story of Dominque and also my half-sister Serena [Baldwin, Carly Schroeder]. It’s fun to learn those things and delve into the backstory.

It’s also so much fun to work on GH because I used to watch the show when I was growing up. My sister and I shared the one living room TV we had. She got to watch GH — and I’d watch with her — and then, I got to watch Batman: The Animated Series. My dad also watched General Hospital. He got sucked into it back during the whole Luke [Spencer, Anthony Geary] and Laura [Collins, Genie Francis] storyline.

Soap Hub: How have you found the pace of daytime since you were last on soaps as Cutter on OLTL?
Josh Kelly:
Before One Life to Live, I’d never done daytime. My brain clicked [with how it all works] after about two weeks. This is now an even faster pace at GH. I’m starting to get it, and I’m enjoying the challenge. I did a pilot and only had two or three scenes in a month and a half. It wasn’t as challenging.

Soap Hub: You made quite a — no pun intended — splash in your first episode when Cody landed in the Metro Court pool, taking Britt with him!
Josh Kelly:
[The show] was really safe about it. I did the whole [stunt]. I thought it was fun and was a cool way to be introduced onto a show.

Soap Hub: What’s it like working with Kelly Thiebaud?
Josh Kelly:
Kelly’s great and a really fun scene partner. It was a little nerve-wracking in the beginning. My first day was the day the Daytime Emmy nominations came out. Working with great actors like Kelly, I think, makes you better. Steel sharpens steel.

Soap Hub: What do you feel Cody brings to Britt’s life, and what does she to his?
Josh Kelly:
I think they both had a ‘wild child’ side to them. That appeals to Cody. He does have some ulterior movies, but I think he’s using them as an excuse to pursue her. He’s really attracted to her.

Soap Hub: We’ve seen him make some mental notes — like noting Britt is Cesar Faison’s (Anders Hove) daughter. Do you know where this is all going?
Josh Kelly:
I know some of it. I have a general idea.

Soap Hub: We now know who Cody’s mother is — what about his dad? Would you like to see that be explored?
Josh Kelly:
Yes. And I think we’ll think we know in the near future who [his dad] is…

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