B&B’s Sean Kanan Has A New Book: Welcome to the Kumite

The fan favorite has penned a book that can help you become your best self.

Sean Kanan of Bold and the Beautiful

Deacon Sharpe is hoping to buy Il Giardino on Bold and the Beautiful and make it his own. Sean Kanan, Deacon’s portrayer, knows all about the challenges of setting goals and achieving them. He recently sat down with Soap Hub to talk about how his new tome, Welcome to the Kumite, can help you live your best life.

Sean Kanan Introduces Welcome to the Kumite

“The book is not [just] for Cobra Kai fans,” Kanan tells Soap Hub. “It’s for people interested in becoming the best versions of their lives. It’s an undertaking and I can show you how to do it, how to illuminate the path.” While Kanan can act as a guide, the hard work is going to have to come from within. “You have to walk it,” he says. “It’s simple — but not easy. Otherwise, everyone would do it.”

The tome is a companion to Kanan’s other book, Way of the Cobra. “The beginning of Welcome to the Kumite is more personal in its introduction,” the actor/author offers. “I talk about how I got myself into the situation where I felt I was slipping into mediocrity. The tagline for the book is ‘Conquering Your Greatest Opponent’ — which is, of course, yourself.”

A Key to Success

Kanan feels that obtaining goals is more about immersing oneself in the process rather than overthinking the results. “Staying out of the results is the secret of success,” he suggests, noting it’s more vital to “build a bulletproof process for anything you do.”

Kanan advises the reader to be the hero in his or her own life. “It’s not a novel concept,” he says. “Life is like a film. You’re the director, writer, and lead performer…why wouldn’t you cast yourself as the hero?”

Life is a constant challenge. Kanan recounts landing the role of Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III only he suffered a medical crisis that nearly cost him a role he was born to play. He had 10 days to recover and get back to set or else producers would be forced to recast his role. “I’m a big proponent of not being a victim and not being offended,” Kanan says. He refused to wallow in self-pity or lament over what most people would consider getting a lousy break in life.

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Sean Kanan Walks the Talk

The actor, who had been left with a 15-inch surgical wound on his abdomen, was discharged (against doctor’s orders) and made his way back to the soundstage and completed his role. “As terrifying as those series of events were, I wouldn’t have traded them for a moment,” he says with the passage of time.

Kanan invites the reader to list both their strengths and their weaknesses in a workbook section of Welcome to the Kumite. He candidly shared his own as an example. In doing so, he says, “I discovered I’m human like everyone else and I have a lot to work on. If I’m going to elevate myself to being a teacher or sensei, I feel I have to be honest with my readers.”

Kanan says Welcome to the Kumite isn’t just for a young, male audience. “I have so many women in their 50s and 60s who love the book,” he says. “If people take the time to open it, I honestly believe that they’ll see that it appeals to everybody. All of us want to be successful. We want to be happy and fulfilled. It’s a common denominator we all share.”

To order your copy of Welcome to the Kumite, click here.

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