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Top 4 Splendid Soap Opera Secrets That Wreaked Horrible Havoc

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It isn’t just love in the afternoon that keeps stories churning on your favorite soap opera.

Sometimes it seems like everyone has a secret. But not all secrets are created equal – some are so huge, they’re destined to destroy lives if they come out. Here are some of Soap Hub’s favorites.

Days of Our Lives
Stefano had wreaked so much havoc in their lives, but that didn’t make Hope (Kristian Alfonso) feel any better about having killed him.

She carried around that secret for a year (granted Roman and Rafe knew), so when Andre helped it go public, Hope was shattered.

That is until it turned out Stefano was alive (thanks to Shane’s impersonation). Now it’s Shane and Steve who are keeping a big secret. It’s hard to say if that one will ever come to light.

The Young and the Restless (YR)
Sharon (Sharon Case) was a little slow to realize that her son Sully wasn’t really her son, but rather Sage’s son Christian. Yet, when she did figure it out, did Sharon tell her husband Dylan? No, of course not.

She couldn’t bear to see him hurt. Never mind how her ex-husband Nick was practically destroyed, thinking that both his wife Sage and son (well that’s another secret for another article) Christian were both dead. When the truth finally came out, Dylan’s heart was broken anyway.

General Hospital (GH)
Ned (Wally Kurth) got a little taken away with the concept of love in the afternoon. He liked it so much he did it twice – marry, that is. That’s right, Ned was a bigamist back in the day.

Ned created an alter ego named Eddie Maine, who married Lois. They were very much in love. Unfortunately, Ned also married Katherine. When the truth came out, Ned was in one fine mess.

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB)
Stephanie was keeping the mother (sorry for the pun) of all secrets – that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) wasn’t Eric’s biological child but rather he was the son of her first love, Massimo Marone. Granted, she didn’t keep the secret long.

Stephanie and Massimo realized the truth after Ridge needed a transfusion, and Eric didn’t match. Yet, they didn’t fess up to the truth right away. When they finally did, Eric walked out on Stephanie.

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