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Special Report: Social Media Scam Claims Yet Another Victim

Soap Social Media ScamsSoap Social Media Scams

Tyler Christopher is just the latest victim of Internet scam artists targeting soap stars. Learn about the scams and how you can protect yourself from falling for them.

A Christopher fan announced on Twitter there was an imposter posing as the Emmy winner, using the fake handle of @Real_Tyler2929 when Christopher’s real handle is actually @Tyler2929.

“Fans of @Tyler2929 BEWARE of this FAKE account. These imposter accounts are popping up and messaging fans of #days #dool
This is not Tyler ”

There are ways to not get sucked in. if you meet public figure qualifications, Twitter will “verify” someone and you’ll see a blue check by their names. If you don’t see the blue check, you should be wary.

Granted, some actors don’t have theirs yet, but they probably have far more than 35 followers. Anything less is another sign that an account is a fake.

But simply trying to make an account under a star’s name hasn’t been the only scam… and Christopher hasn’t been the only victim.

It feels like almost every week, Soap Hub is reporting about another actor letting their fans know that another account claiming to be them, isn’t.

Former General Hospital actor Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan) had someone claiming to be him, and the giveaway was they only wanted people to direct-message him on Twitter.

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The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John (Neil) had someone impersonating him, asking for money in the name of his late son, Julian. Co-star Daniel Goddard (Cane) also had a faker asking for money, as did DAYS star Stephen Nichols (Steve).

While actors may have products they sell, they don’t come right out and ask for your money. If they do, don’t give it to them; it’s a scam artist.

Also, if an actor tweets something that seems completely out of character, don’t necessarily buy it’s actually them. Y&R’s Doug Davidson was reportedly hacked, and the same thing happened to co-star Eric Braeden.

While social media has made it seem like we can really get to know our favorite soap stars, some unscrupulous sorts are exploiting it for their own reasons. As a result, you need to be careful. It doesn’t hurt to have a healthy dose of skepticism, and when something doesn’t ring true… there is a good chance it isn’t.


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