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SPECIAL REPORT: When Real Life Interrupts Soap Operas

It’s as age-old as soaps themselves. Sometimes stuff happens in the real world, and a special news report cuts into our favorite soap. Sometimes it’s world-changing, and other times we wonder if the news could have waited till later.

Of late, all soaps have been interrupted at least partially, with General Hospital taking the brunt of the pre-emptions, often due to news conferences scheduled for 2 pm EST, the time slot in which GH airs in most markets.

Soap Hub asked how you feel about these interruptions during your escape-from-the-real-world time.

Out of nearly 10,000 votes, 85% of you were adamant that you hate these moments and wonder why these news reports can’t wait for another time.

You do understand that some reports need to reach the viewing audience immediately, but feel simple press conferences are a waste of live airtime when the highlights can go on the evening news.

You also feel if you want to catch the news live, you can always turn to a cable news network. In addition, Facebook and Twitter feeds are now where live news “happens” so you’d rather see your soaps.

Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless fell victim to partial pre-emptions in some markets last week, with many Y&R fans not seeing Steve Burton’s last day. You truly think the news could have waited till later, even if it was Donald Trump speaking.

The other 15% of you are nonchalant about news interruptions during soap time. You figure you can catch up on network apps or services like Hulu. You also know if your show is interrupted in its entirety, then it will air the next day at its regular time.

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