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Soaps Gone By: Which Classic Daytime Drama Do You Miss The Most?


This writer remembers covering soaps when there were about a dozen on the air and now there are just four. While it’s surely easier to keep up, it still feels a bit nostalgic when we think about the shows we once watched and will always miss.

We recall the days when we could sit there all afternoon and go from story to story without having to ever change the channel (which created some sort of network loyalty).

Now, two networks have only one soap and it just feels empty and lonely–and we know that’s an odd feeling just for TV shows, but soap characters become our friends.

Procter and Gamble was the titans of soap production at one point, with soaps on both NBC and CBS. Who can ever forget Another World, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light.

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In fact, GL is still  the longest running program in broadcast history thanks to its origins on radio and lasting till only a few short years ago. (Although it seems like much longer.)

Sure, we still have actors from these old soaps popping up on current soaps–even as the same character they once played, like One Life to Live’s Nora Buchanan on General Hospital earlier this year and All My Children’s Alex Devane on GH now.

Soap Hub wants to know which classic soap you’d take back in a heartbeat. Cast your vote in our poll and remember the days of soaps gone by.

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