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There’s A Reason Why They Are Soaps’ 4 Most Promising Stars

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Actors come and go in daytime, but every once and awhile a special someone emerges who stands out from the pack.

They captivate the audience and make them sit up and take notice, displaying a staying power that’s destined to endure. Here are soaps’ 4 most promising stars.

Daniel Hall (Scott, The Young and the Restless)
After a tantalizing debut – his character was held hostage in a war zone and Victor (Eric Braeden) orchestrated his $10-million release — Daniel Hall’s Scott was off and running, effortlessly meshing with the GC gang.

Before long he was sharing writing notes with Sharon (Sharon Case) and making her forget all about Dylan. Hall’s connection with Case is sweet. However, it’s his fiery chemistry with Melissa Ordway (Abby) that’s intriguing.

Hired to keep tabs on Victor’s daughter, it was hate at first sight, which means there’s a steamy triangle on the horizon.

Lucas Adams (Tripp, Days of Our Lives)

As Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Ava’s long-lost son, Tripp, Lucas Adams is tackling a pivotal character with intriguing ties. Deceased mom Ava was a mental mess, while dad Steve has a checkered past.

Yet, Tripp’s a good kid who wants to do right. Adams has mastered Tripp’s inner conflict, as Jade steers him to get revenge on Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), lying that she killed his mom.

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As Tripp navigates away from his current plot, there’s potential for young romance. We’d love to see him smitten with Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) by the summer’s end.

Chloe Lanier (Nelle, General Hospital)
Complicated Nelle arrived in Port Charles bent on destroying Carly and her family. Her hatred stemmed from her father’s lie that Carly paid him for Nelle’s kidney to save Josslyn.

Chloe Lanier’s depiction of the icy character always included a hint of despair, which made viewers feel sorry for her, even during her most despicable acts.

Since learning her dad was a liar, Nelle’s turned over a new lease and softened. In the process, she’s reconnected with Michael (Chad Duell). Their romance is the show’s best.

Courtney Hope (Sally, The Bold and the Beautiful)
The name Sally Spectra has always evoked fire, spice and a sass. Courtney Hope has brought all of it as the fashion namesake’s great niece from the moment she bumped into Thomas (Pierson Fode) and called him, “Bucky Boy.”

Hope’s Sally is bold and feisty. Her rivalry with Steffy is reminiscent of the Sally and Stephanie feud of yesteryear. And her pairing with a Forrester, albeit totally predictable, works to show off her kinder, gentler side.

The only thing left is to have her thrive as a successful designer, something her aunt never achieved.

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