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Which Soap Opera Sibling Is The Absolute WORST?!

soap operaSoap operas' worst siblings

Family is everything on a soap opera. For the viewer, they can serve as a surrogate when one’s own family is too far away. Sure, some members put the fun in dysfunction, but that’s why we love them so much. Here’s a list of some of the worst siblings on the soaps.

The Young and the Restless
One always thinks of the Abbott family as being tight knit and devoted to each other. Well most of them are. Then there’s Billy (Jason Thompson), who has a habit of taking things from his brother that don’t belong to him – like his wives.

First, Billy had an affair with Sharon, while she was married to Jack. More recently, he fell head-over-heels for the love of Jack’s life, Phyllis, during a vulnerable time in their marriage. Billy – that’s just all kinds of wrong!

General Hospital
Sure, Olivia seems to be the most horrible Jerome sibling (seriously, in that family there is no good sibling) of them all but just remember – she was shot in the back by her own brother!

Whatever is happening to Julian (William deVry) right now at Olivia’s hand is kind of deserved. He’s lucky she didn’t just shoot him outright when she laid eyes on him again.

Days of Our Lives
Bad sibling in the dictionary may have Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) picture next to it. While Dario is probably the worst at the moment for having his own sister Gabi attacked to cover his tracks, that’s child’s play compared with what Sami pulled on her sister Carrie and the man they both loved — Austin.

There was nothing she shouldn’t do to steal Austin away, but in the end – Sami was no match for true love.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has often been seen as the heroine of the show, but when she stole her own sister’s husband away from her – and then didn’t even keep him for herself, well…that just takes the wedding cake now, doesn’t it?

Sure, Katie was having some issues but she and Bill may have been able to work things out had buttinsky Brooke not gotten in the way.

Who do you think is the worst soap opera sibling? Let us know in the comments section.

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