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Santa Barbara Wayback: Remember Julia Wainwright

Santa Barbara Julia WainwrightSanta Barbara Julia Wainwright

She was smart-mouthed, street smart and a shark in the courtroom. In fact, Julia Wainwright, Santa Barbara’s feisty legal eagle was the total package and one of the all-time greatest female characters in soap opera history.

Despite 10 years of estrangement, Julia acquiesced to her sister’s plea to return to Santa Barbara after a tunnel collapse rendered Augusta blind. The first person she encountered upon her arrival was Lionel Lockridge, her brother-in-law, who remembered Julia as – for lack of a gentler description – a fatty with teeth so prominent that, “they were visible even when your mouth was shut.”

Double Trouble
Julia was instrumental in bringing Jerry Cooper, a master criminal with ties to a power-mad foreign dignitary, to justice. Cooper had undergone plastic surgery that altered his face and body to closely resemble his cousin, Jack Lee, Julia’s fellow lawyer and an advisor to the U.S. President.

It was just too bad that Cooper didn’t do his homework and realize that Jack Lee was Julia’s former lover with whom she did not part on good terms.

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The Jagged Edge
After deciding to permanently relocate from Arizona to Santa Barbara, Julia established a law practice and signed her first major client: David Laurent, who stood accused of bumping off his incredibly wealthy wife Madeline.

Despite her adherence to legal ethics, Julia found herself falling in love – or was it lust – with David. However, the circumstantial evidence against him continued to mount and Julia feared that she might be sharing her bed with a killer! In the end, David was proved innocent but the relationship did not continue.

Mommies and Daddies
With the failure of her latest love affair, Julia was struck by the sudden realization that she wanted to become a mother. But she decided that she would be better off choosing a potential father who wouldn’t want to stay in the picture and insist on playing happy family.

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