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As The World Turns Wayback: Remember Lucinda

As the World Turns Lucinda WalshAs the World Turns Lucinda Walsh

Throughout soap opera history there have been plenty of “helicopter” parents, but Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns would have had flying drones hovering over her loved ones if she could have. Here’s a look back at Lucinda, a loving mother, business tycoon, and force of nature, who was played by the legendary Elizabeth Hubbard.

The name “Lucinda” suits her, but the reality is La Walsh was born Mary Ellen Walters in Peoria, Illinois to a very poor family. Her mother, Gloria, sent her daughter to live with her father after she remarried. Mary Ellen ran off to Montega, South America where she wed Jacobo Esteban.

After giving birth to a daughter, Sierra, Mary Ellen was banished so she returned to the United States and wed Martin Guest, renaming herself Lucinda. She convinced Martin to adopt a little girl, Lily, but the arrangement was illegal. After Martin’s suicide, Lucinda wed businessman James Walsh, who also died.

Lucinda and Craig
Lucinda hired parolee Craig Montgomery to work with her at Walsh Enterprises. They were fascinated with one another and had a one-night stand. She sent him to war-torn Montega to rescue Sierra, who later came to Oakdale, but Lucinda didn’t want her to know she was her mother.

Secrets And Lies
Iva Snyder revealed herself as Lily’s birth mother and threatened Lucinda that if a neglected Lily wasn’t made happier then she’d tell that she was her mother. Ivy’s ex, Tad Channing, threatened Lucinda with telling Lily the truth. After Tad’s murder, the truth came out about Lily – she was conceived when Iva was raped.

Friends And Foes
Lucinda had few pals in Oakdale, but one was Barbara Ryan. Their business friendship hit a snag when Lucinda simply refused to sell Simply Barbara back to Barbara after she’d been exonerated in the murder of James Stenbeck (Lucinda’s ex-lover). Lucinda wed her former heart doctor, John Dixon.

She meddled in his relationship with his newfound grown son Duke, prompting John to end the marriage. Lucinda got dumped again when James Walsh’s granddaughter Connor orchestrated her being ousted from Walsh Enterprises. Lily “divorced” Lucinda when she found out her mom kept hidden that a memory-less Holden was alive.

Worldly Ambitions
Lucinda founded her own company – Worldwide. She met Neal Alcott and Royce Keller, not knowing they were Gloria’s children, her half-siblings. Lucinda mourned Neal, who’d been murdered by one of Royce’s alters (he suffered from dissociative identity disorder AKA D.I.D.) Next, Lucinda met Samantha Markham, a con artist who actually turned out to be Royce’s twin.

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Like A Phoenix
Lucinda’s world turned upside down when James Stenbeck returned, having faked his death. In a bit of history re-writing, David Allen, a lawyer, was revealed as James and Lucinda’s son. (When they’d interacted years earlier, Lucinda and James acted as if they’d never met!)

Later, Lucinda learned that her true son with James had died at birth. Next, Lucinda took in Sam’s daughter, Georgia, and treated her as her own, just as she had years before with Bianca from Montega.

Lucinda wed James to protect Holden. She became paralyzed, unable to talk after rescuing him. Lucinda went to a clinic in Florida to regain her abilities to walk and talk once more.

Lucinda came back to town months later, healed, but kept her recovery a secret in order to bring down David. Next, Lucinda took in her grown grandson Bryant and learned Lily had a twin sister, Rose!

Her Greatest Challenge
Lucinda battled breast cancer with the help of Lily and Sierra. Craig got Lucinda to sign over her company to him. Lucinda used Meg Snyder – and poison (!) – to get it back. Lucinda called upon Evan Walsh IV, the son of the man who had helped Connor steal Walsh Enterprises years ago. Lily saved Lucinda after Evan tried to kill her.

Off To See The World
Lucinda supported her grandson, Luke, who came out of the closet but was stunned to learn that her new husband Brian Wheatley was also gay and had his sights set on Luke. Lucinda and Brian had their marriage annulled. Next, Craig’s illegitimate son, Gabriel, showed up in Oakdale.

Lucinda tried to manipulate him in her on-going war with Craig. John Dixon returned to Oakdale to consult on Chris Hughes’ medical condition. He and Lucinda reconnected and decided to give their relationship another chance. They left town to go see the world after Lucinda made peace with Lily and handed her the reins at Worldwide.

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