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Every Soap Opera Gal Needs a Male Bestie in Her Life

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Sure, everyone thinks about that other girl’s best friend on a soap opera – when she gets a diamond.

But, she needs a lot of help getting to that point usually and it’s the sound advice of that male best friend helping her navigate the confusing waters of coupledom or new singledom. Either case, what would our soap opera faves be without that best buddy seeing them through?

The Young and the Restless
Yes, we know that Phyllis is a mess but imagine how much worse off she’d be if she didn’t have Michael (Christian LeBlanc) around to talk her off the ledge time and again?

He has certainly fished her butt out of the proverbial soup on more than one occasion – even with men other than Jack. They go way back and every time the show remembers their bond, Y&R is all the better for it.

General Hospital
He may not have been on the Port Charles scene for that long, but Curtis (Donnell Turner) has already made himself indispensable to several ladies around town.

He sat by Hayden’s deathbed, got Maxie out of a jam when she was investigating Claudette, and he’s provided sage advice to Nina. As great a friend as he is, we can’t wait to see which woman realizes (like we have!) that Curtis is ready to be so much more and snaps him up!

Days of Our Lives
Granted Brady (Eric Martsolf) has been through a lot at the hands of Theresa, so most women in town know it’s too soon to try to hook back up with the handsome son of John Black.

But he’s become best buds with Nicole, and Chloe desperately wants him back on her side. I guess the ladies know that when Brady is on your side, he will move heaven and earth to help you – who wouldn’t want a best friend like that?!

The Bold and the Beautiful
Eric Forrester (John McCook) has provided an ear, entree to a private school, champagne, and real estate advice to Katie. Seriously, is there anyone better to have in your corner than Eric?

But he should watch out because it’s looking like Katie may want more than friendship. Of course, he could do worse than having the youngest Logan woman (he’s dabbled enough with the rest of the women in the family including Mom!) by his side.

He could be with a real loose cannon….oh wait….he is! So when Quinn inevitably breaks his heart with his son Ridge, good pal Katie will be there to pick up the pieces.

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