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Soap Opera Crossovers Make Fans Feel THIS Unexpected Way!

Soap CrossoversSoap Crossovers

Soap Opera crossovers often elicit incredibly strong responses from soap fans. Networks bill them as huge events, and often build up to them in true sudsy, dramatic fashion!

Typically, they occur among soaps on the same networks. However, given the state of daytime lineups today with General Hospital (GH), Days of Our Lives (DAYS), The Young and the Restless, (YR), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), there are fewer possibilities, but in some cases the crossovers come from now canceled soaps.

No doubt Y&R and B&B created many memorable crossovers, with the Shelia Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) reign of terror on both shows perhaps the most notable! Plus, right now, GH’s Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and the shocking appearance of her sister Alex Devane represent a crossover from AMC.

Soap Hub asked how you feel about crossovers on your favorite sudsers!

Please No!
Although the vote was close, 51% of you just don’t care for this type of storyline. Perhaps you feel there are enough underserved threads going on already on your soap or you are afraid that characters from canceled shows could end up muddying the waters so much you won’t even recognize it anymore!

No matter what the reason (and there are surely many), you just don’t care to see the same characters appear on multiple shows. It’s simply not your thing.

Bring it On!
A very strong 48% of you actually love to see crossovers. You love the merging of your favorite soaps. In fact, sometimes these events even turn you onto another soap you’d never watched before, and you gain a new daytime must-see.

You love how it opens up new possibilities and connects shows and characters in new and unexpected ways! As far as you’re concerned, soap crossovers are the bee’s knees, and you enjoy them!

Maybe, Maybe not…
The remaining 1% of you like them sometimes and sometimes you don’t. It truly just depends on the storyline. If they’re well done, they can be amazing, but sometimes they’re just a bust.

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