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Would You Still Watch Soaps If They Weren’t On ‘Real’ TV?

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There are numerous soaps on the Internet, and All My Children and One Life To Live even gave it a shot, migrating the shows to an online platform back in 2013… but nonetheless, the most popular daytime dramas are still on the networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC.

But how much longer will that last? If The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH), and The Young and the Restless (YR) were to move elsewhere, would you sill watch? Over 7,000 enthusiasts… enthused!

Any Time, Any Place, Any Way
What’s so great about broadcast networks, wonder 37% of you. It’s not the medium, it’s the message (hat-tip: Marshal MacLuen). You’re happy to watch your stories on cable and at any time they feel like putting them on.

Daytime Is the Right Time
Then again, an almost equal 36% voted in the completely other direction, insisting that soaps belong in the daytime, on a (free) broadcast channel. Don’t mess with a classic!

Drawing a Line in the Soaps
And there are the 26% who see your anytime, anyplace, anyway of both cable and 24 hours around the clock, and add the Internet to that equation.

You’re willing to watch on a smaller screen if you have to, on a phone, even.

As long as the actors stick around (and the stories don’t drive you too crazy), you’ll be there. And by there, you mean everywhere.

Round Up
Finally, 1% gave us a sneak peek at how you’re already watching the shows that way, when you pointed out that there is Hulu, YouTube, and other illegal download platforms (not that we endorse, or even know of any of them).

The one thing was clear — you’ll watch via a variety of outlets, but you won’t pay for it! No, not even paid cable. Soaps want to be free!

Tessa Kendall Mckenzie

Video Credit: getwalkthrough

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