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Soap Fans Reveal Amazing Reasons They Started Watching Soaps!

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Soap operas center around families, and daytime dramas often provide moments of togetherness in real life that is passed down from generation to generation.

Most people remember how and when they started watching soaps, and often these treasured memories of bonding with loved ones is the reason why fans continue watching their beloved shows for decades.

Soap Hub asked soap how you got hooked on your “stories,” and the heartwarming results are in!

Mother and/or Father Watched
For nearly half of you, you remember watching from early on. Your mother and perhaps your father watched these shows, and you grew up on them.

Perhaps your family tuned in during laundry folding or ironing each day, or maybe it was just a set time to gather and spend a few minutes getting lost in the engrossing, dramatic storylines.

For those who’ve lost parents, making time to continue watching your shared soaps after so many decades is one way you remember them.

It takes you back to beautiful shared moments that provide such a warm reminder of your family time together.

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Grandparents Watched
Some 20% of you watched soaps with your grandparents. Perhaps they cared for you, or maybe you spent time in the summers or after school with them.

No doubt this shared activity was something that helped bridge the generations and gave you something to keep up with together.

Other Reasons
For nearly 30% of you, you started watching for other reasons. Perhaps you were at home on your own and tuned in. Some new moms reported falling for love in the afternoon while learning to raise their own children.

Yet others took up daytime drama over lunch breaks. Plus, many friends shared soaps together, and perhaps the still do.

What made you start watching? Also, have you shared your fondness for The Young and the Restless (YR), Days of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH), or The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) with the children or others in your life?

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