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Soap Fans’ Most Outrageous Theories: Paternity Secrets, Murder, And More!

It’s time for soap opera February Sweeps, and outrageous fan theories are coming fast and furious! Often, soap fans know their shows better than the shows know themselves, and they come up with ideas that are as or more creative than the daytime drama itself.

Soap Hub scoured fans’ comments to roundup some of the most intriguing theories right now, and here are some outrageous concepts below.

Who’s Your (Maybe) Baby Daddy?
Hilary (Mishael Morgan) took matters into her own hands to become a mother, but now Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) came along and put some doubts in her mind.

Fan Rita Neel posed the question to the Facebook group Young and the Restless Exclusive: “Who all thinks Hillary will become pregnant with Jordan’s little swimmers?”

This sounds like a major nightmare for Hilary, but surely sperm banks keep things on the up and up, don’t they? Right?

Framed For Murder!
Gabi (Camilla Banus) finds herself in jail for a murder she swears she didn’t commit. So, who could be setting her up?

In the Facebook Days of Our Lives Exclusive group Ronnie Britt said, “So what I’m thinking is the girl that looks like Gabi in the video footage could be Abigail dressed up like Gabi to set her up.”

Could it really be Abby (Marci Miller) trying to set up her best friend? Other fans feel perhaps Kate (Lauren Koslow) is the one dressed as Gabi. Both shocking and intriguing ideas…

Who’re Your Parents?
Bobbi Crawford poised the question in the Facebook group General Hospital Exclusive, “What if Henrik is Anna and Valentin’s child? It would make sense because it seems Faison took Anna’s baby, obviously believing it was his, but then he ended up hating him…

“Maybe Faison found out later that he was not really his and that’s why he hated him. He told Maxie that her baby would be a genius because it will have his DNA, so why would he not believe the same of Henrik if he was actually his?”

Could things get any more twisted? In Port Charles? No doubt!

Unexpected Pairing
While many fans are pulling for Liam and Sally to get together, not everybody sees a beautiful future for these two. Barbara Green had an unusual pairing idea in The Bold and the Beautiful Fans group. She said, “I would love to see Wyatt and Sally together!”

Sometimes the absolute wildest concepts end up being an even wilder truth on soaps! What are some of your craziest soap opera theories?

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