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Soap Fans’ Most Fantastical Theories: Back From The Dead, A Fog, And More!

With February sweeps coming to a close, fans know, the best of the month is yet to come, and their theories just might top the actual storylines. At times, soap fans know their shows better than the shows know themselves, and they come up with ideas that are as or more creative than the drama itself.

Soap Hub scoured fans’ comments to round up some of the most intriguing theories right now, and here are some outrageous concepts below.

Back From The Dead
With all the talk of Adam being dead lately and the fact that he’s Christian’s biological father, fans want to see him back now more than ever.

On The Young and the Restless Exclusive FB group, Lori Lee Anderson-Scaglione wondered, “Who thinks Adam is coming back for both Chelsea and the boys?”

It seems far-fetched, but stranger things have certainly happened in daytime. That could be the major February twist for Y&R.

Waking Up From A Fog!
Fans on General Hospital Exclusive FB group think Sam hasn’t acted much like herself lately. However, they do see a glimmer of hope for her.

Mary Duranski Anderson wrote, “That was the first time that I have seen Sam act like her normal self when she went over and helped Maxie even though she didn’t agree with Maxie boxing up all of Nathan’s stuff…. Maybe this is the beginning of her waking up from this fog she’s been in.”

If she finds more of herself, does that mean she’ll finally try to reunite with Jason? That certainly remains to be seen, but surely acting like her old self again is a good start.

A New Supercouple In Salem
Claire is unbearably jealous of Ciara and her secret. It’s obvious that Ciara and Tripp are close these days.

On Days of Our Lives Exclusive group, Dap Dap Morgan wrote, “I see a young Bo and Hope in Ciara and Tripp’s future!”

Other fans see them more as Steve and Kayla, but no matter which couple they seem like fans certainly see them together in the future. Could these two follow that path and become a love story for the ages in Salem? Something is happening between them as long as Claire stays out of their way.

Sadness And Betrayal
Hope cried when she saw the sonogram of Steffy and Liam’s baby, and fans had ideas about why.

Gina RedboneDiva Bowers wrote, “[I’m] wondering what set Hope off. Did she think about Wyatt and her son?!!!”

That’s certainly a possibility. Other fans also felt the need to warn Steffy that Hope most certainly planned to try to win Liam over to her side, effectively keeping Steffy from saving her marriage.

Sometimes the absolute wildest concepts end up being an even wilder truth on soaps! What are some of your craziest theories?

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