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Soap Fans Most Fantastical Theories: Twins, Backstabbing, And More!


February Sweeps are in full swing on daytime, and outrageous fan theories are coming fast and furious! At times, soap fans know their shows better than the shows know themselves, and they come up with ideas that are as or more creative than the drama itself.

Soap Hub scoured fans’ comments to round up some of the most intriguing theories right now, and here are some outrageous concepts below.

Seeing Double
With the recent remembrance of Colleen’s birthday in Genoa City, fans realize how much she meant to everyone whose lives she’d touched.

In The Young And The Restless Exclusive FB group Karen Vet Johnson wrote, “I really wish that the Y&R would give Traci a twin daughter for Colleen, the same as they did for Nick and Sharon!”

It would be lovely to have Colleen back in some way even if it was another twin storyline like Cassie/Mariah.

Never Trust A Soap Baddie!
Nelle and Ava teamed up in such a deliciously evil way recently, and it certainly got fans wondering if either could truly be loyal to the other or do these two bad girls look out for themselves only?

Twila Gregg Whitley posted the thought, “How about Nelle with the tape recorder? Did she tape Ava? Will Nelle stab Ava in the back?”

Wherefore Art Thou E.J.?
Sami’s recent return to Salem when Will returned from the dead got fans reminiscing about her dead husband, E.J. Is he really dead? At least one fans thinks not…

In the Days Of Our Lives Exclusive FB group Michelle Gonzalez mentioned, “When E.J. died Stefano had Kristen inject his body with something and nothing ever came of it. I think something is coming, why else would Sami keep looking for him?”

Reunited Would Feel So Good!
Charlotte Frank from The Bold and the Beautiful Exclusive FB group said, “Ok after seeing Hope and Liam talking today I wonder if Brad Bell has a Lope reunion happing soon. It’s actually nice to see Liam smile and laugh again. Something we have not seem him do in a while.”

It would be great to see Liam happy again. Perhaps Hope could be the one to do it. Or, will she be more interested in Liam’s brother Wyatt… we’ve all seen that before.

Sometimes the absolute wildest concepts end up being an even wilder truth on soaps! What are some of your craziest soap opera theories?

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