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Soap Fans Can’t Stand THIS Overused Daytime Plot – Can You?


Throughout the decades of soap operas, the genre developed many tropes that often appear in story arcs.

Sometimes these cliche plot points become so overused and predictable that soap fans begin to hate seeing them pop up on daytime dramas. Soap Hub asked fans which storyline type they like the least.

Three’s A Crowd
Many sudser relationships begin or end with a love triangle, and daytime viewers aren’t the biggest fan of this often used storyline. In fact, 49% of you think this is the worst type of soap theme.

Whether it’s Cane/Lily/Juliet on The Young and the Restless (YR) or Brook/Ridge/Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), you’re throwing a penalty flag. You are tired of seeing homes broken by the always sordid love triangle.

Perhaps it just happens too often, or maybe you’d rather never see it at all. Either way, you wouldn’t hate to see this trope fall out of general use on daytime.

Leave Babies Out of It
Another very predictable storyline is the heartbreaking baby kidnapping. For 37% of you, this is your least favorite type of story arc to watch.

You’d be fine if you never again see something like the Chloe/Nicole/Holly storyline on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Just leave the babies out of the drama once and for all. You want them to be off limits. They’re just too young, and you’re tired of these expected plots.

Neverending Storylines
For the remaining 14% of you, never-ending storylines are the worst! You are ready for arcs like Ava (Maura West) switching Morgan’s (Brian Craig) pills on General Hospital (GH) to wrap up! You want to see nice tidy wrap ups, and you don’t want the stories to drag on for years.

While fans certainly love tuning in to check out their favorite shows every day, most could do with fewer of these types of tropes — for a while at least.

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