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Come BACK NOW!!! Which Soap Actors Do You NEED The Most?

Soap actors return

It’s a fact of soap life that beloved actors will come and go, but that doesn’t mean you don’t long to have them and their characters back on your screen as soon as possible.

There are several actors whose exit has left a huge hole in their respective soap canvases. Soap Hub asked which one you want back the most and you were definitely torn.

Mending A Broken Heart
After a whopping 28,000 votes were tallied, 40% of you felt firmly that Jen Lilley’s Theresa needs to leave that drug lord in Mexico ASAP and get back to Salem and Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

After all, you know Nicole is going to end up breaking Brady’s heart. Who better to pick up those broken pieces than the last woman who broke it?

Prodigal Son Returns
A very strong 32% would like to see Adam return, either as Justin Hartley or Michael Muhney. You don’t care which one – you just need him back in town and making trouble for Chelsea and Nick right away. He needs to get his life and his son back and then go after Victor!

What do you think? Post a comment!

Mending a Family
The Corinthos clan has never been the same since Morgan (Bryan Craig) was blown up in Julian’s car by mistake.

Sure, Sonny and Carly seem to have moved on, finally, but 22% believe there will always be that gaping hole in their hearts – unless a very much alive Morgan returns.

Doctor, Heal Thyself
Still 6% think it’s high time that Taylor (Hunter Tylo) gets back in Los Angeles and takes more of an interest in her wayward children. And of course Ridge is newly available – so it would be fun to see the “other” love of his life return and make Quinn squirm.

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