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You Pick What You’d Change About Soaps… and It’s a Doozy

Soap Opera Location ShootsSoap Opera Location Shoots

Soap viewers are some of the most passionate and engaged fan bases in the entertainment world.

From the dawn of the soap opera magazine to the age of instant website and social media gratification, fans have voiced their pleasure and displeasure with soaps, including specific storylines, plus joyful and disturbing trends.

Soap Hub asked what the one thing is you’d change about soaps right now, and your answers run the gamut from the typical to the unusual.

Two-Sided Love
Although love triangles are a staple of soaps, a full 58% of you are at the point where you want to see them used less. You know your favorite couples need drama and strife, but also know from experience that relationship troubles don’t always come from an outside source.

Yes, cheating is a leading cause of divorce in the real world, but so are other things. Sometimes there are inherent things wrong in people’s lives that make them not be able to live with each other. Maybe soaps should drop the cliched triangles and introduce some true-to-life drama.

Another 34% of you want to go back to the days of glamorous location shoots. You miss the days when soaps went to Europe and exotic locales to tell a story. While The Bold and the Beautiful still does it, the others soaps just can’t find it in their budget.

The furthest General Hospital gets is outside the ABC studio to a bench and call it a park during the spring and summer months. (Since Port Charles is supposed to be in Upstate New York, it wouldn’t be realistic to go to the park during the winter.)

We Want It All!
The final 8% of you offered a plethora of things you would change. They include keeping the dead dead, more believable storylines, more stable relationships, and veteran couples staying together.

Some of you are also sick of the constant breaking news interruptions, but that’s a network choice as news happens and not really something the writers can change. But, we do feel your pain.

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