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How Fans REALLY Feel When Their Favorite Is Recast On A Soap

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It’s not just The Tale of Two Jasons on General Hospital (GH). All soaps eventually recast a favorite, whether it’s Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), Bo on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), or Victoria on The Young and the Restless.

All of the above were massively popular roles played by massively popular actors — and all were recast at one point or another. So is anyone really irreplaceable? Almost 10,000 viewers cast their one-of-a-kind vote!

I Never Thought It Was Possible, But….
Maybe, weigh 51% of you. You’ve seen it happen before. You thought no one would ever beat Wayne Northrop’s Roman Brady on DAYS, but then there was Drake Hogysten (now-John). And then Josh Taylor (once-Chris).

On Y&R there have been several Ashleys, though, in the end, Eileen Davidson put her definitive stamp on the role. And then, again, those two GH Jasons…

Nope, Never, Don’t Even Think About It
Step away from that casting call, caution 25% of the audience.

Some folks can never be replaced. Think Anthony Geary as Luke on GH, Susan Lucci as All My Children’s Erica, Deidre Hall as DAYS’ Marlena, or Susan Flannery as B&B’s Stephanie.

There is a reason those characters were either sent out of town or killed off. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby. And if they deserve that level of respect, shouldn’t every actor and character? How many Y&R Billys are we supposed to put up with?

It’s the Character, Stupid
Character is what matters, counter 21%, not the actor. Genie Francis isn’t GH’s first Laura, Kristian Alfonso isn’t DAYS’s first Hope, Heather Tom isn’t B&B’s first Katie, and Peter Bergman isn’t Y&R’s first Jack.

Think of the wonderful stories — and performances — we all would have missed if the characters had been retired along with their original actors!

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