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What’s With Soap Couples Constantly Switching Partners!?

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On The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), Brooke has slept with practically every male member of the Forrester family — and their half-brothers.

General Hospital’s (GH) Sonny has fathered children with half the women of Port Charles. On The Young and the Restless, Sharon has made it clear that living alone isn’t ever an option.

And on Days Of Our Lives, Will coming back from the dead is super-awkward, as his husband, Sonny, is about to marry Paul — and Will has slept with both of them.

Soap characters constantly switching partners is the definition of what soaps are. But have fans had enough?

Here’s what over 6,000 long-time viewers had to say about it.

Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore?
For 87% of you, the new “true love” every few months is getting out of hand. It’s certainly impossible to put together a wedding guest list anymore, where everyone on either side of the aisle hasn’t previously slept with either the bride or the groom — sometimes both.

How are we supposed to believe and, more importantly, root for our meant-to-be couples when we know that, next week, they’ll be with somebody else?

Bring back pure romance! And we mean for more than just a long weekend!

Are You New Here?
So, uhm, everybody pairs up and lives happily ever after? And then what happens? You turn off the TV, that’s what happens, insist the remaining 13%. You tune in every day for something new, not the same old, same old. Drama comes from conflict. That’s English 101.

And conflict comes from misunderstandings, half-overheard conversations, drunken one-night stands, and evil super-villains planting chips in people’s heads to make them forget their true loves.

You know, common, everyday life in a soap town. Take it away, leave all couples as they are, and watch your audience dwindle. Happy couples don’t make happy viewers.

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Tessa Kendall Mckenzie

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