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Happy Birthday As Baby Bowie Turns One!


Beloved The Young and the Restless (YR) star and former General Hospital (GH) star Jason Thompson makes us all think about the children we bring into this world as young lives are lost in Manchester, England and his own little one celebrates a very special milestone.

Adorable little Bowie Banjo turns one year old today, and Soap Hub thanks Thompson for letting us watch him grow up before our eyes over the last 12 months via his many social media posts.

This Instagram tribute to his little boy especially warmed our hearts, and has deeper meaning on a day like today as the world realizes how precious children really are.

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Take a look below for wonderful words from a wonderful father.

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One year ago today..our sweet baby boy was born into this world. Not in my wildest dreams would it ever match who is. I get it, life, love, it’s different. It just is. My heart will forever beat a new rhythm. It started when I met his Mom, and it grew deeper, louder yet softer when Bowie was born. And I know when his little sister comes to play soon, even better, beats and better vibes. Raising a child, it almost breaks your heart, if it didn’t make it just that much stronger every day. But on days like yesterday in Manchester..it breaks that little but more. I could not imagine the pain of the families. This is the world. So on days like today, my life’s purpose to raise a good human becomes more important. So thank you stars, for letting us be the ones to guide our boy on his second trip around sun. I love you Bowie Banjo. And you Momma. @paloma ❤️

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