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Find Out Which Soap Opera Character Stands Out The Most!

Soap Opera CharactersSoap Opera Characters

In the soap opera genre, there are several types of characters. Among the most memorable are villains, heroes, and best friends.

Typically, most daytime characters fall somewhere within these types. That doesn’t mean they are one type and stay that way — occasionally characters will switch around, depending on storylines.

Which character is the most memorable — heroes, villains, or best friends? Soap Hub asked and the answers poured in with nearly 13,000 of you weighing in!

The Villain Fans LOVE To Hate
It’s probably not terribly surprising that throughout the decades of daily serials, the villains are the most memorable.

In fact, 58% of you know you’ll never forget the infamous Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo, DAYS), and you are mesmerized by the likes of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden, YR), Ava Jerome (Maura West, GH), or Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown, BB).

These characters propel the storylines on your favorite soaps and they can always be counted on to be devious and evil. You know without them, things would grow stale and boring.

Holding Out For A Hero
However, some of you are totally over villains. The heroes who always save the day are the favorite of 30% of you. You appreciate the character who rides in and makes everything better when things go sideways like John (Drake Hogestyn, DAYS) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna, GH) often do.

While even heroes can have a difficult storyline, they typically come out on top in the end — even if it takes some time — and you love that!

You Gotta Have Friends
The remaining 14% of you find the friends the most memorable. They’re always there to support and prop up the hero when they run into problems. Perhaps this is the role you often find yourself in, or you just appreciate seeing strong friendships portrayed on sudsers.

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