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Fans Reveal the Surprising Truth about Shows that Replaced Soaps!

Soap Opera ReplacementsSoap Opera Replacements

With just four soaps remaining in daytime lineups across the three major networks, new, cheaper-to-produce shows air in place of a slew of canceled sudsers.

Shows like The Chew and The Talk took over for many beloved “stories.” In some cases, more hours of news or game shows took their places. Soap Hub asked fans if they ever tune into these replacement time slot fillers.

Absolutely Refuse
The vast majority of you, 81%, absolutely refuse to tune in to watch the what you think of as inane shows that replaced canceled soaps.

You cannot take one more cooking, talk show, or extended morning news hours in the daytime lineup. Perhaps you even specifically boycott these usurpers.

When these shows air, you turn off the TV or turn the channel and do something else with your time.

You have things you want to do and you refuse to watch whatever just because network executives made the (poor?) decision to cancel the daytime dramas you’d watched for years, if not decades.

Maybe a Few
About 15% of you don’t watch all of the replacements, but you do watch one or two of the new offerings.

Perhaps the new show didn’t take the place of a soap you loved or watched religiously. Or, it’s possible you actually enjoy the new format the network chose to air instead of daytime drama.

Whatever the reason, you’re not watching everything, but at least one or two of the shows have caught your interest and you’re willing to give new offerings a try.

Why Not?
A minuscule 5% of you actually love the shows that replaced soaps on the big three networks. You tune in almost as religiously as you did during the sudsy glory days of old.

Life goes on and so does TV, so you’ve simply embraced this fact and you go with the flow.

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