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When Fans Go Too Far: Death Wish For Steve Burton

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When Steve Burton’s General Hospital (GH) return was first announced, fans who became attached to Billy Miller as Jason were shocked and alarmed, fearing their favorite pair of his Jason and Sam would be split apart.

Despite Burton and Kelly Monaco’s following for over a decade, Miller and Monaco were able to create their own very large and vocal fanbase. Although the majority of “Killy” fans are going with the flow and accepting their couple is now Drew and Sam (DreAm), one fan took it way too far.

Last Friday, a fan known as “KillyIsJasam” on Twitter started posting profanities in a series of outraged tweets as we learned Miller plays Drew Cain and Burton is indeed Jason Morgan.

However, this fan took things way too far with a tweet calling for Burton and other GH actors to be poisoned–specifically, to be poisoned by Burton Nutrition, the company owned by Steve Burton that sells protein shakes and other fitness items.

We have no idea what was going through this fan’s mind as tweets calling GH producers Nathan Varni and Frank Valentini “libtards” appeared and perhaps there was no seriousness in the poisoning tweet, but it does show fans take things way further than they need to go over fictional stories.

Earlier in the week, the same fan lashed out at Bradford Anderson for making personal appearances with Burton, as if the actor was abandoning Jason, who some still want to believe is played by Billy Miller.

Many GH fans reported the tweet and the tweeter, and the tweet has since been deleted, although screenshots exist (with profanity) as you can see below. However, the account is still open and run by one angry GH fan.

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