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Fans Demand: Put The Emmys Back On TV

Daytime Emmys March 8Daytime Emmys

It used to be the event of the season: Fans would gather to watch The Daytime Emmy Awards on TV to see if their favorites win… but then — poof — they stopped airing on TV.

Not every fan has a great Internet connection where they can watch the show and even then, your computer screen probably isn’t anywhere near as huge as your television, making you feel like you’re right there in the auditorium with the actors watching the spectacle unfold.

The annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which crowns gold upon soaps, talk shows, children’s programming, and game shows used to be must-see viewing and garnered high ratings for the network whose turn it was to air the coveted show.

But, then ratings started slipping, and they soon lost their perch on network TV.

There were a couple of years there when cable stepped up and aired the show on various channels but the last few years have seen the show having to air online.

Sure, lots of people do their watching online, but do soap fans? Soap Hub asked you if you want the Daytime Emmys back on TV and you weren’t shy with your answer.

What do you think? Post a comment!

TV or Bust
An undeniable 98% demand that the awards show be put back on television! You want to see your faves be given the respect they deserve and that means a primetime slot on network television.

The networks need to wise up and remember how this show celebrates their shows, which helps to publicize them and therefore get higher ratings. What are they thinking?!

No Worries
The other 2% seem to be fine with the show airing online. You probably watch your shows online and don’t see any difference with watching the awards show there, as well. At least they’re airing online — it would be so much worse if they didn’t air at all and you were left to just read about the winners on social media.

Video Credit: WatchMojo.com

Video Credit: MsMojo

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