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Soap Operas’ Most Fantastical Fan Theories EXPOSED


Sometimes fans know soap operas better than soap operas know themselves. It can be tough to beat the creativity in daytime, but fans are clearly up to the challenge.

Soap Hub scoured fans’ comments to roundup some of the wildest theories about soaps right now, and here they are below!

A Baby Daddy — Times Two? 
Scott (Daniel Hall) and Abby’s (Melissa Ordway) affair has been found out, and Sharon (Sharon Case) is “fine” obviously. Really, really fine. Of course, one wild fan theory has her little fine fantasy going up in flames in a few weeks in the form of an unexpected positive!

Fan Elz Green posted in The Young and the Restless Exclusive fan group “For some Wispy fun! Just suppose Sharon is the one pregnant with Scott’s baby? All their sex escapades, you never know…”

Other fans were quick to chime in about the possibility that Scott may even have the chance to have the pitter patter of two babies sometime soon considering his escapades with Abby.

Patient Seven?
Wanda Tymony posed this question in the General Hospital Exclusive fan group. 

“That cold look on Sam’s face when she told Jason ‘I want or need a divorce’ indicates she is not our Sam. Who is this woman?”

Could Sam (Kelly Monaco) be a victim of memory mapping too just like Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller)? Obviously, stranger things have happened on sudsers…

Children Popping Out Of The Woodwork!
Just how many children did Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) leave behind? One Days of Our Lives Exclusive fan page member named Israel Ross thinks there could be even more!

What do you think? Post a comment!

The fan posted, “Why do all of Stefano’s children all of a sudden seem to pop out of nowhere. How many children does he have???”

Could there be more? Is Stefan O. really his progeny? Oh the possibilities with this wild and crazy theory!

Who’s Your Daddy?
Over on The Bold and the Beautiful Exclusive group, fans aren’t shy about their fun soap theories either.

Member MzKaleah Nicci Carter poised this intriguing question, “Bill never requested a DNA test for Quinn’s son. Do you think Wyatt is really sleeping with his kid brother’s mom?”

Is it possible that Wyatt (Darin Brooks) isn’t a Spencer? While Bill (Don Diamont) gave Quinn (Rena Sofer) money to get an abortion and she had a selfie of the two of them in bed, that doesn’t fully prove that Wyatt is his son.

Sometimes the absolute wildest concepts end up being an even wilder truth on soaps! What are some of your craziest soap opera theories?

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