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Dramatic Entrances: Has Baby Drama Gone Too Far?!

Baby Drama On SoapsBaby Drama On Soaps

Soaps used to be obsessed with women in jeopardy, but the new trend over the last few years has been baby drama! Is it too much of a “good” thing?! Is it even good?

After all, a major segment of the soaps’ viewing audience is made of moms. Do they really want to see bad things happen to children? Do they want to fear for the life of newborn as they fight their way into the world under horrible circumstances?

There’s a good chance if you’re pregnant in Port Charles, you are not going to have your baby in the hospital. General Hospital’s most recent births have been under a bridge (after the pregnant mother was terrorized and fell off a bridge, down an embankment and the other was on the side of the road–in the snow).

It’s called “General Hospital,” so we know that there is a hospital there! But they are hardly the only show that likes to have babies in jeopardy.

Not too long ago, Days of Our Lives had a mom terrorized, held hostage in a cabin, and and a midwife helped her give birth…but did she get any thanks? Nope, she was shot in the head and the baby was kidnapped. Thomas wasn’t the only kidnapping: Tate was also kidnapped–straight from the womb. Salem kids need to come with LoJack!

Biology tends to bring the drama on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. On the former, Devon and Hilary’s baby isn’t necessarily even conceived at this point and the drama is on high tilt!

For Steffy on B&B, she somehow got pregnant, supposedly by Liam, and yet he was able to get their marriage annulled.

While DNA tests show he’s the father, no one really believes Liam’s dad, Bill, didn’t pay off the lab tech to hide the fact that he is actually the baby’s father. DRAMA!

Soap Hub asked if you are tired of all of this baby drama and almost 7,000 cast your vote. A whopping 90% are tired of it and you wish soaps would concentrate on something else.

Of course, that means 10% of you are digging these stories. After all, isn’t family what soaps are all about?

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