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Double Weddings — Double The Love Or Double The Snooze?

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Chad and Abby, and Sonny and Paul on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) are just the most recent soap double wedding, but they’re hardly unique to soaps.

Remember twins Jessica and Natalie trying to get married on the same day on One Life To Live (OLTL)? Or the never-ending Passions double-wedding with Sheridan and Luis, and Teresa and Ethan?

How about All My Children’s (AMC) father/son team-up when Adam exchanged vows with Krystal and his son, JR, married her daughter, Babe? Or on Another World (AW), when Sandy married Blaine for the first time, and his dad, Mac, married Rachel… yet again.

It happens often enough for fans to have an opinion about it. Is a double wedding double the fun or a single downer?

Four’s a Crowd
This isn’t a Monnie cult, groused 74% of you. A wedding isn’t supposed to be about crowd control!

Every couple deserves a special day to themselves, one where they’re the center of attention and not competing for the minister’s blessing – or having to deal with someone else’s problem coming in to interrupt.

If one couple has a skeleton in their closet just waiting for the right moment to spring out in the daylight, why should the other couple suffer? Besides, we bet when it comes to a double wedding, guests scrimp on the double gifts.

Love can never be subtracted, counter a more romantic 23%, it can only multiply. The more couples at the altar, the more love there is in the room. Double weddings are a good thing. Plus, we bet the newlyweds split the expenses!

And then there are the 2% who don’t care for weddings in any mathematical formation. You don’t give a darn if one couple is getting married, two, or half the town is pledging their troth. Weddings are dullsville.

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