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Double Trouble? Are Dual Roles Old News Or Tried And True?

Dual roles have been a staple of soaps for decades, with actors getting to sink their teeth into two characters and not just one.

Several have won Emmys for this type of work, and some have even played more than two characters like Eileen Davidson on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Soap Hub asked if you still love dual roles the way you did back in the day, and your answers were semi-surprising.

Meh…It Better Work
It seems soap fans are split on this typical daytime plot device, with 46% saying they can handle dual roles–ONLY if the story is right. It doesn’t matter if you get to see one of your favorites playing two parts.

You need it to work right and naturally mesh in with current story and not just be a plot device to shock.

Make It Go Away!
Then there are 44% of you who can’t stand dual roles no matter what’s happening with the story. You know the same actor is playing two parts, you know people don’t just have random doppelgängers out there.

You also know identical twins separated at birth is also pretty ridiculous, like Finola Hughes as Anna and Alex on General Hospital (GH).

Bring It On!
Only 10% of you love seeing double and think dual roles should remain a soap mainstay. You enjoy being confused and trying to figure out who is who.

Marco had Genoa City citizens sold for quite a while when he posed as Jack, and you loved watching Peter Bergman play someone new after all these years.

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