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Why A Blast From Soap Opera Past is Exactly What we Need Now!

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It’s always fun for soap opera viewers when past favorites return to shake things up.

Sometimes they return for good, sometimes for a short stint to move the action along, or sometimes they’re attending an exciting event.

Either way, it’s like seeing an old friend and revisiting their lives. Here are some of the latest blasts from the past who are back on your favorite show’s canvas right now.

Days of Our Lives
When Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) was last seen in Salem, he was sent to prison after driving drunk and killing Daniel – a man beloved by so many. Now he’s out – and looking for redemption, even if he feels he doesn’t deserve it.

But, we bet that Hope’s family will be grateful for him, since he’s found her in her greatest moment of need. Nursing her back to health and watching out for her should go a long way to healing his soul, even if not everyone in town is able to forgive him for what he’s done.

The Young and the Restless
Hurricane Gloria (Judith Chapman) has blown back into Genoa City, and she is already reminding everyone that if trouble doesn’t follow her, she’s more than willing to cause it herself.

She was living high on a mountain of money and in love with her most recent husband, Jeffrey, and now she’s back without either. Determined to get her hands on cash, she appears willing to sell out her daughter-in-law Lauren to her former (?) nemesis (and son-in-law), Jack. Oh Gloria, we’ve missed you!

General Hospital
You know it’s going to be a heartwarming episode if Robin (Kimberly McCullough) shows back up in Port Charles. Last time she was literally talking Sonny off a ledge…continue reading on the next page —>

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