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Bad To The Bone: Who Is YOUR Inner Soap Villain?

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Come on, you know good gets boring and we can’t all be good all of the time. We might try, but we also have our soaps to bring us into a world where people get away with things over and over again–no matter how bad they are.

Perhaps you even fantasize about being one of them and escaping into a world where you can do any wicked thing you ever wanted to do with no consequences whatsoever. Ok, sometimes you die a few times or spend a little time behind bars, but meh, you always manage to get back on top to toast to a new day.

Soap Hub asked who your inner soap villain is and although there were two top contenders, it turns out some of you have very naughty minds with your variety of picks.

The DiMera Phoenix
Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is of course number one because he died so many times, but always ended up back in his mansion or on one of his islands. His big, boisterous laugh and love for mischief earned him 55% of the vote.

After all, he used the citizens of Salem like chess pieces for decades and you wish you could do the same–while having a limitless supply of funds to do so. Plus, you love kids and he had so many it was hard to count sometimes. Who wouldn’t want to be Stefano DiMera?

The Cassadine Minx
Coming in second with 33% of the vote is his Greek/Russian counterpart, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) of General Hospital (GH), a woman who has also died her fair share of times. While she didn’t have a limitless supply of children, her husband did, and that makes it kinda sorta the same, right?

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But, like Stefano, she manipulated lives just as she wanted and laughed about it the whole way through. She even had her own island because only the best soap villains do. And really, who wouldn’t want their own island?

Vile Villains
Other choices include The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sheila Carter, The Young and the Restless’ Victor Newman and Hilary Curtis, and DAYS’ Victor Kiriakis.

But, Soap Hub has a confession to make. Our inner soap villain is GH’s Ava Jerome, so pass the martini and a fine young ex-priest, and we’re good to go.

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