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Top 3 Amazing Soap Opera Stepmothers With Hearts of Gold!

While the wicked stepmother theme tends to be a staple of daytime drama, there are a few soap opera stepmoms who have risen above that stereotype and been amazing mothers to their step children.

It’s almost never easy to be a stepmother, but these three women have really stepped up to make the best of sometimes tough situations, and have been there for their stepchild!

Scared Boy With a Disturbing Past

On General Hospital, Jake struggles with issues related to his tumultuous past, his mother Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and his dad Jason (Billy Miller) along with Franco (Roger Howarth) are helping him figure things out.

Despite the fact that Jake blamed his stepmother Sam (Kelly Monaco) at one time for breaking up his parents even leaving her for dead after a terrible tumble, she’s managed to still be supportive of him.

Plus, she’s working hard to help uncover just exactly what happened to her stepson on Cassadine Island. While he’s still just a little boy, Sam has proven that not all soap opera stepmothers are evil.

Later in Life Relationship
On The Young and the Restless, Nikki Newman became stepmom to Victor’s son, Adam. Adam’s mother was Hope Adams Wilson, and he grew up in Kansas thinking Hope’s husband Cliff was his father.

Throughout the years, she managed to be a reasonably good stepmother to Adam, who didn’t arrive on the scene in Genoa City until he was 27.

She also loves his son, her step-grandson, Connor, and treats him like she treats all of her grandchildren. Overall, Nikki hasn’t fit the mold of wicked stepmother with Adam.

Could Mistaken Ideas Leave These Two in Shambles?
Although Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) son Tripp (Lucas Adams) isn’t hers , Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) remained supportive of the burgeoning father/son relationship.

Recently, Tripp warmed up to his stepmom. However, now he mistakenly thinks that Kayla killed his mom, which could leave this relationship in shambles.

Which soap opera stepmoms do you think have made the best of a sometimes tough situation and really worked hard to be the best they can be for their stepchildren?

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