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WOW General Hospital! Nelle Got DUMB And Nina Got SMART!

Nina and Nelle General HospitalNina and Nelle General Hospital

Okay, admit it, watching Nelle get busted was glorious today on General Hospital (GH), wasn’t it? This was better than the entire Frank Benson’s daughter reveal, cause we REALLY didn’t see this one coming.

Really, Nelle, you’ve manipulated this much in life but couldn’t figure out that photos on phones have date stamps? C’mon. How did you manage to get this far with such a shoddy little plan?

First, a tip. If the photo has a date stamp, you can use your editing app and crop out the stamp.

If the photo was grouped with a bunch of others under one date, take a screen shot of it, then use your editing app, and crop out any date stamp or evidence that it was a screen shot, then delete the original. You can tell we’re sneaky here at Soap Hub, right? We’re just trying to HELP YOU NELLE!

But, we can’t help you find another job. That one you’re on your own. Good thing it’s worked out so well for you in the past, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Here’s more advice, Nelle. Don’t mess with a Cassadine when he’s already onto you and warned you not to mess with him. What were you thinking, girl? We’re not sure, but we know one thing…

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Today, Nina (Michelle Stafford) WAS thinking, and that’s almost a first. Ever since she took her sophisticated lady job at Crimson with absolutely no experience whatsoever and then slept with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) in a one-night-stand drunken stupor, she hasn’t been the brightest bulb in the pack.

Granted, she spent 20 years in a coma and at one time was so technologically unsavvy, she didn’t known what “the cloud” was until Ava (Maura West) told her, but now she’s with it and she knows how to use a phone and detect an old picture. Bravo, Nina, you’ve entered the 21st century.

So, yes, it was fun to watch because Nelle’s life is pretty much crap right now and while we still love Chloe Lanier, we really don’t like Nelle and seeing her lose Michael, cash, and her job all in one week was rather fun.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: The Emmy Awards

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