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Will We See a Kindler, Gentler Ava on General Hospital (GH)?

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No matter what Sonny and Carly repeat incessantly, General Hospital’s (GH) Ava has never been all bad. She loves her daughters — in her own way.

She loves her brother — even when he doesn’t deserve it. She had feelings for Franco and Silas and Morgan. Plus, her friendship with Griffin (Matt Cohen) seems genuine.

So could she ever turn over a new leaf? Almost 10,000 viewers took stock of the situation.

If You Can Make It There, You’ll Make It Anywhere
Well, maybe not most places on the globe, but if redemption is your aim, you’ve come to the right place!

Port Charles is home to a homicidal psychopath who now hangs his hat with a mother and her three children, a supervillain’s gun moll allowed to run a hospital, a guy who steals women’s eggs and hatches babies from them, and, don’t forget — never forget — the cuddliest, sweetest, most moral mobster in all of mobster-dom.

So, Ava? Sure, 44% of weigh in. She can totally become an upstanding citizen. Especially if she helps the Mysterious Masked Man of St. Petersburg (Steve Burton) figure out who he really is and where he really belongs.

Never Ava
Nope, counter 36% of you. No dice. You can forgive Luke (Anthony Geary) being a rapist, and Jason (Billy Miller) being a hitman, and Sam (Kelly Monoco) being a con-artist, and Carly (Laura Wright) for being Carly, but Ava (Maura West)… Ava will forever remain irredeemable in your eyes.

Gimme Something To Work With
Finally, a minority 19% of the audience is willing to consider the possibility, but only as long as Ava really suffers.

The coma and the facial scarring are nice touches, but you need more. You need to see Ava fully humiliated on every level. Then you’ll consider making her a heroine.

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