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Fan Prediction Time: Will Steve Burton Play A Brand-New General Hospital Character?

Steve Burton returning to General Hospital (GH) is big news. But whom he’ll be playing is an even bigger question mark!

Since Billy Miller is currently answering to the name of Jason Morgan – and parenting Jason Morgan’s children, and sleeping with Jason Morgan’s wife – what does that leave for Burton?

Will he be playing a completely new character? Almost 5,000 viewers let their imaginations run wild!

Out With the Old, In With the New
The role of Jason is taken, thank you very much, declare 60% of you, so, yes, Steve Burton better be playing someone new. He can be a Cassadine impostor who’s had plastic surgery to look like Original Recipe Jason and confuse the hell out of his family.

He can be a clone grown in a Cassadine lab who’s been brain-washed into thinking he’s Jason. He can be the boogey-man from Jake’s dream brought to life like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer demon.

He can even be a fine, upstanding doctor with no love for the mafia whatsoever – the Jason he was destined to become before Jason Quartermaine became Jason Morgan – who just happens to look like the first Jason, and be no relation to anyone else in Port Charles.

That’s Silly, Don’t Be Ridiculous
In a town of evil weather-machines, monkey plagues, stolen embryos, and a mobster as moral conscience, the one thing 39% of the audience simply will not believe is Steve Burton returning as anyone but their beloved Stone Cold.

No plastic surgery, no clones, no long-lost twins even – been there, done that, almost ended up with Franco (Roger Howarth) as a Quartermaine, as a result. You will only accept him as Jason.

Let the other guy stumble around town, trying to figure out who he is. Let Sam (Kelly Monoco) be torn between the two men she loves. Burton is Jason. Next question?

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