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Will the Guilt Eat Ava Alive on General Hospital?

Ava and Morgan on General HospitalAva and Morgan on General Hospital

We saw those first twinges of guilt and realization last Friday as Ava realized her little medication game could have actual consequences on General Hospital.

We still don’t know what Ava (Maura West) was thinking, other than the fact that she thought she could play God between her daughter and Morgan. If she had just let things run its course, Kiki (Hayley Erin) would have realized her heart was always with Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins), but Ava can never just leave well enough alone.

Now, her medication machinations drove Morgan (Bryan Craig) to the brink, caused him to drink, caused him to get in a ticking time bomb of a car, and then caused him to literally go over the edge–of a cliff.

Soap Hub asked if you think Ava will ever feel enough guilt to confess her sins, or if she’ll just swallow another bitter pill and pray she doesn’t get caught.

A whopping 13,000 of you voted, and the result was pretty clear. Few people have faith in Ava.

Never Tell
A full 85% think Ava will keep this one close to the belt. After all, the last time she confessed a sin, it ended up on tape, and on a flash drive she’s yet to get her hands on. In Ava’s world, confession is NOT good for the soul. Only self-preservation is.

Too Much Guilt
A smaller 12% of you think this one will be too much for Ava to bear. After all, Ava once had feelings for Morgan, going as far as sleeping with him while he dated her daughter–TWICE. You also think hef love for Kiki will get her to spill.

The Jury Is Out…
The final 3% isn’t sure what will happen. Ava could snap and let it all out, or, she can stay true to form and think of herself and nobody else.

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