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Get On the ‘Grava’ Train: Will GH Fans Accept an Ava and Griffin Pairing?

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On a General Hospital (GH) that currently has saintly nurse Liz with brain-tumor-excused killer Franco and originally placed itself on the map with golden girl Laura and her rapist, Luke, is the pairing of doctor-priest Griffin and killer-liar Ava that outside the pale of reasonable?

Almost 5,000 regular viewers offered their thumbs up/thumbs down.

Not Even In a Port Charles With Vampires
No, scream an unambivalent 71% of you. Griffin (Matt Cohen) is about as close to a perfect man as daytime soaps get. (Well, assuming you ignore the whole Roman Catholic priest and has to remain celibate detail.) He’s a doctor. He’s smart. He’s sweet. He’s hot.

He should be the most eligible bachelor in town.

And that means he can do better than Ava (Maura West)… who is none of those things. (Including doctor and Roman Catholic priest.) Well, OK, she’s smart.

But if the opposite of sweet is sour, she is a dill pickle. Soaked in vinegar. That kills people and tampers with their meds. Not necessarily in that order.

Tell Me More
Not yes, not no, but cautiously optimistic is where 24% of the audience positions itself. They’re not ready to jump on the Grava train. But they’re not categorically against it, either. Bad girl, good boy… this could get interesting.

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Bring It
And then there are the 5% who are totally into this. Maybe you’re remembering Griffin’s dad, Duke (Ian Buchanan). Sure, he eventually became an upstanding guy (and then threw all that character development away by tossing his lot in with Sonny).

But, once upon a time, Duke wasn’t exactly respectable. He was a mob boss — just like Ava! So who is Griffin to judge?

Ava has already shown a taste for the young and innocent. Like Morgan (Bryan Craig). Whom she can corrupt.

Or maybe who can ultimately save her.

Now that’s soapy storytelling!

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