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Give Him A Hug: Why Sam’s Reaction to Jason On General Hospital Is Just WRONG

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Sam is either in serious denial or been transformed into a cold unfeeling zombie on General Hospital (GH), but either way her reaction to Jason – the real Jason — has been spot off.

Since finding out her soulmate is alive and well, Sam (Kelly Monaco) hasn’t run into his arms, offered him a hug, or even told him how happy she is to see him again. Instead, she’s been so consumed with supporting the confused Drew (Billy Miller) that she’s totally rebuffed Jason (Steve Burton).

Stand by Your Man
Obviously, she has feelings for Drew, and well she should. She fell in love with him and they built a happy life together; plus, she believed he was Jason for the past two years. With that now a lie and in total shambles, Drew’s clinging to Sam.

So it’s no surprise that she’s reassuring and standing by her man. The only problem is she’s totally forsaken Jason in the process.

Soulmate or Stranger?
Sam’s come off looking cold throughout this mess.

When she’s around Jason, she barely speaks or reacts to him. It’s as if she’s in the presence of a complete stranger instead of her soulmate. Isn’t she compelled to ask him what he’s been through, how he survived and made his way back to her? Has she forgotten how much they meant to one another?

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Stepping Aside
For his part, Jason has gallantly stepped aside. He hasn’t pressured Sam to acknowledge their love or tried to reclaim his family. He’s followed her lead and accepted whatever will be, even assuring Sam that everything will be okay. But, sadly, it’s left him out in the cold.

Future Shock
Sam’s life should have been turned upside-down when she learned the man she believed was her husband was actually his twin brother, Drew, and that the real Jason was back.

She should have yelled, screamed, and completely lost it, as she tried to come to terms with the twisted reality she was suddenly facing. Instead, she’s remained cool and collected, ignoring the past to keep the status quo (except for a few shed tears on the pier).

Let’s hope at some point Sam finally allows her real feelings to emerge – all of them. She keeps insisting that she loves Drew, but what about her love for Jason? It has to be there, she just has to find the strength to acknowledge and admit it.

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