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Hell For Nelle: Why Her Plot Against Carly WILL Backfire on General Hospital

Nelle General HospitalNelle General Hospital

Nelle’s plot to drive Carly mad has been steamrolling along, but, in the end, it’s bound to backfire on General Hosptial (GH).

The pregnant Nelle (Chloe Lanier) has resorted to unscrupulous means to get Carly (Laura Wright) out of the picture before her baby arrives. Namely, making the poor woman think she’s being haunted by her dead son Morgan.

Nelle doesn’t want Michael’s (Chad Duell) mother to interfere in their lives and has convinced herself she’ll win over her baby daddy once Carly is out of the picture.

Triple Threat
The problem is Nelle has underestimated a trio of things: Carly’s smarts, Bobbie’s (Jacklyn Zeman) suspicious mind, and the fact that Jason (Steve Burton) is back on the scene.

One of the three would be bad enough, but all of them means Nelle will eventually go down. And when she does, she’ll be the one destroyed by her heinous plot.

Carly’s bound to start suspecting Nelle during one of her heart-to-hearts with Bobbie, whose antennae go up about the little minx any time trouble is brewing.

Once Carly begins to wonder if Nelle could be the one gaslighting her, she’ll likely confer with Jason, who’ll set out to prove she’s right. The chain of events will mean one thing: Nelle’s toast.

Bold and Brazen
Knowing Jason, he’ll conduct his investigation totally under the radar, which won’t bode well for Nelle. The brat’s been getting a little too bold and brazen regarding her plot against Carly, and she’s bound to make a mistake.

When she does, Jason will pounce on her and, if there’s any justice, Carly will be right by his side when it happens. Carly’s “gotcha” moment will definitely be must-see TV.

Losing Michael
Carly’s wrath, however, will be the least of Nelle’s problems. Michael, who’s gone out of his way to support her through her pregnancy, is going to be absolutely furious with her.

Not only did Nelle try to mess with his mother’s mind, but she used his dead brother to do it. In his mind, that will be unforgivable.

In the end, Nelle’s plan to secure a future with Michael by getting rid of Carly will totally backfire. In fact, Carly will come out the winner, because Michael is bound to permanently separate himself from Nelle after this horrific scheme, crushing Nelle’s dream of living happily ever after with him and their child.

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