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Why Elizabeth Should Leave Franco For A Spare Jason on General Hospital (GH)


Elizabeth’s living with Franco on General Hospital (GH), but, considering his seriously checkered past, can’t really count on a happy future with him.

Remember, Franco’s (Roger Howarth) pre-brain tumor crimes included murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit rape. And who’s to say he might not revert back to his old ways one day, putting Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and her boys in jeopardy.

With the soap soon to have two Jasons (Billy Miller and Steve Burton) on the canvas, there will be one too many for Sam (Kelly Monaco) to call husband–which means Elizabeth could finally have one for herself.

Given the pending scenario, Elizabeth should leave Franco and move on with Jason I or II. Assuming Steve Burton will play Original Recipe Jason Morgan, we lay out the case for a whole new chapter in Liz’s life. (Of course, Burton might play Jason’s twin, but for now we’ll go with Burton as Stone Cold himself.)

The Case for Jason I
Elizabeth sought solace from Steve Burton’s Jason when she believed her first love, Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), had perished in a fire. The pair ended up developing strong feelings for one another, but Jason’s criminal ties kept Elizabeth from taking the next step.

After Lucky’s return from the dead and Elizabeth’s marriage to Ric, as well as Jason’s relationships with Courtney and Sam, Elizabeth and Jason briefly rekindled things and conceived their son, Jake. But when Jason went back to Sam, Elizabeth was left the odd woman out.

Now that Sam is committed to Jason II, she may want to pass on a reunion with Jason I, which means Elizabeth could finally pursue a future with her longtime love.

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They already share a son and have a deep and poignant history together. It’s a dream Elizabeth never thought would come true, but it’s suddenly looking very possible.

The Case for Jason II
Elizabeth felt connected to Jake Doe from the moment he was admitted to General Hospital. With a newly constructed face and no memories of his past, she offered him support and a home to live in when he was released.

She developed strong feelings for the stranger long before she realized he was Jason. So, when she learned his real identity and Jake proposed marriage, she kept mum to protect the picture perfect life she was on the verge of achieving. However, after the truth came out, Jake/Jason II left her, and she was devastated.

If Steve Burton really does return as Jason I, then Jason II will need a shoulder to lean on as he once again finds himself grappling with who he really is.

Elizabeth has helped him through this situation before, and she’s the perfect person to do it again. In the process, she could get the man she was on the brink of marrying back for good.

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