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Why Did Nobody Care About Poor Dead Dev On General Hospital?

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General Hospital (and Julian) blew up The Floating Rib on Monday and it also killed off two characters who only made it to the Port Charles scene less than two years ago. One character, Dustin, at least had Lulu there to break down and mourn his passing. But, Dustin’s high school student, Dev? Yeah, the kid seemed to become an afterthought.

General Hospital Makes Dev An Afterthought

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was kind enough to go with Dev (Ashton Arbab) into the ambulance, but as soon as he died, there were other things to think about. Sure, he told Carly (Laura Wright) and they were both sad for a hot minute, but then they had Jason (Steve Burton) to worry about and we all know Jason takes precedence over everyone in their lives.

Carly did mention quickly how at least she and Sonny gave him a home for two years, but wouldn’t you at the very least break down and cry over the teenager you were raising every day in that home being killed? Like maybe a tear rather than what seemed to be, “Oh well, it is what it is.”

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In fact, Dev’s (Ashton Arbab) death meant so little to Carly and Sonny that Sonny sent his lawyer to take care of the paperwork because again, Jason. Definitely much more important than your dead foster child you took off the streets after meeting in Turkey a few years ago.

Cameron (Will Lipton) cared more about finding and saving Dev than the couple raising him. Besides Franco (Roger Howarth), Dev was all he could think about after the bomb went off. He even wanted to sit with him in the ambulance, but Sonny told him don’t worry, he’d do it. And he did, but as we said, more important things came up after the poor boy died. And so goes Dev, a character GH wasn’t sure what to do with in life, and then, in death. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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