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Who’s “The Traitor” in the Jason/Drew Switch on General Hospital?

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Jason Morgan is alive and well thanks to a mysterious traitor on General Hospital.

The man or woman, who was ordered to eliminate him, double-crossed Faison by ignoring the assignment.

Now, Jason (Steve Burton) is determined to find the person. After all, they might have key information about what went down five years ago when Jason was shot and presumed dead. It was a day that forever changed the course of his life and his twin brother Drew’s (Billy Miller).

Here are some thoughts on who the traitor might be.

Cassandra Pierce
Topping the list of suspects is Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck). The Port Charles newbie has already been exposed as the kingpin in an opiate drug ring, and she shares a checkered past with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Cassandra could have easily been working and plotting with the diabolical Faison but decided to stop short of murder.

Julian Jerome
There’s no love lost between the Jerome and Corinthos crime families. Hence, before he resurfaced in Port Charles, Julian (William DeVry) could have teamed with Faison to “off” Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) right-hand man, knowing it would have made him more vulnerable. This, of course, was before Julian knew Sam was his daughter.

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Olivia Jerome
Julian’s sister, Olivia (Tonja Walker), could have been in cahoots with Faison. They’re two of a kind and could have easily concocted the sinister Jason/Drew plot together. But perhaps she had a soft spot for Jason’s blue eyes and couldn’t bring herself to kill him.

Liesl Obrecht
Dr. O (Kathleen Gati) could have originally aided Faison in Jason’s “death” and switcheroo. However, when the order came to actually kill Patient 6, she might have simply said, “No!” Having reconnected with her son, Nathan (Ryan Paevey), an aboveboard cop, Liesl knew the move would cost her.

Valentin Cassadine
Before he fell for Nina (Michelle Stafford) and transformed into a family man, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) had dubious ties to the WSB. He could have met Faison during that time and aided him with his plan to take out Jason. But perhaps he wanted nothing to do with murder and ignored Faison’s orders.

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