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Who Will Nelle End Up Hurting the Most?

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When your show is called General Hospital, viewers expect to see lots of pain. Also, it’s a soap, suffering is their bread and butter. But while some characters stoically endure pain, other get their kicks from inflicting it on others.

Newcomer Nelle appears to belong to the latter category. She is clearly in Port Charles to lay down some punishment. But who will she end up hurting the most? Almost 6000 viewers had their thoughts on the matter:

You Always Hurt the One You Love
Considering that nobody knows why Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is in town or what she wants, it’s hard to tell whether or not she’s getting closer to accomplishing her goal. She certainly doesn’t seem to be a happy person.

Which is probably why 41% of you think that if and when we finally get a straight answer about Nelle’s agenda, the person she’ll end up hurting the most in the end is herself. After all, her plan involves seducing Sonny (Maurice Benard). Has that ever gone well for anybody?

Everybody Hurts Sometime
Sure, everybody hurts sometime. But Michael (Chad Duell) has made it a lifestyle.

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Women keep dying on him. Or betraying him. Or both. Why should Nelle be any different? Whichever one she ends up doing, 34% of fans expect Michael to be Nelle’s biggest victim.

Hurts So Good
Carly (Laura Wright) is growing soft. Back in the day, she could spot a young, blonde conniver wriggling her way into a household by slipping into the man of the house’s bed just by looking in the mirror.

What do they say about takes one to know one? Not this time. And she’ll end up paying for her lack of vigilance, as 22% of watchers see her as Nelle’s ultimate target.

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman), on the other hand, can read Nelle for the schemer she is. Thus, Bobbie is a threat, and 2% of you expect Nelle to take her out first.

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